The company Strambini Marco was born in 1988 with a strong love for the nature: we have always taken care of  gardens and irrigation systems and even now we carry out they with passion. The wellness of plants and trees has always been important for us: we love take care of the greenery around us and we strongly believe in the wellness obtained by the contact with nature. This strong passion has led to the gardafarm birth: an agritourism where allow to anyone to make experiences surrounded by nature in the most genuine way possible, discovering beauties of our territory and learning to take care of yourself thanks to nature.

Since childhood, our long agricultural tradition allowed us to live in close contact with green and benefit from all its authenticity. Contact with nature, with all its positive aspects, both physical and psychological, are basis of Gardafarm's phylosophy. "Physical and psychological wellness in close contact with nature": we strongly believe in this and we want to share it with everyone who is looking for relax and wellness in the green.

Our philosophy is the essence of Gardafarm: through our B&B, the events and initiatives we organize and the possibility of carrying out public and private events in the spaces available, we want to give everyone the opportunity to rediscover contact with nature, its beauty and suggestiveness and to learn to grasp all that is good for us. Furthermore, through organized trips and tours, we allow anyone to discover the evocative landscapes of the lake and the splendid mountains of our territory.