Nature at the center of every initiative.

Green is an important and ever present element in our educational garden: this is why every event is carried out in close contact with the nature that surrounds us.

Fun and wellness in nature

The Gardafarm Multifunctional Center in Villafranca promotes the launch of new courses and activities for children and adults alongside the best associations to guarantee a playful, cultural and educational proposal that is always new.

Didactics: Who listens forgets, who sees remembers, who does learns

Our events are designed for teaching: by addressing different themes all related to nature, children learn many new things and acquire values in a fun way.

Experience nature

Gardafarm is able to offer different environments for the practice of numerous recreational motor activities for adults and children both outdoors, in the large cultivated green area and within the multipurpose space

goal: to learn while having fun

We want to offer children, parents, educators the opportunity to know, experiment and learn in a pleasant and welcoming environment surrounded by greenery

a time to socialize and train

Here is an example of our offer for children and families with nature and its products as the predominant element:

Playful-recreational workshops in nature
Recreation and leisure activities
Recreational, motor and cultural activities in general

the structure

The structure located in Villafranca consists of an external area of about one hectare with ancient orchards, olive trees, pomegranates and aromatic plants and an internal area of 660 m² complete with audio systems, microphones, video projection and toilets. Both the internal and external areas are equipped with a video surveillance system.

seriousness and professionalism

Qualified professionals work in our facilities offering services and initiatives that allow you to enjoy and learn from nature through various activities for all age groups