for adults

For adults we organize many events with a central theme health, nature and more: you will learn to love what surrounds us and you will make your life greener and healthier.

Aromatic and medicinal plants.

With the events on aromatic and officinal plants you will learn to recognize them, take care of them, collect them and use them to the fullest.

Good and healthy cuisine

The initiatives aimed at gastronomy, on the other hand, teach you how to cook in a healthy way. Nature offers us many genuine things: knowing them and knowing how to use them will make your cooking genuine too.

For children

We cannot help but think of children: for them, contact with nature is a very important aspect for both education and health.

Discovering nature is fun.

For them we offer many themed initiatives and interactive workshops: they will discover nature in the most genuine way. Immersed in the greenery, they will learn many new things and will train while having fun!

Discover all the initiatives aimed at children in the Educational Nursery section entirely dedicated to them!

Didactic nursery

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